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Welcome to The Upstream Educator Black Box for the Wellbeing in changing landscape of Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence.

The Upstream Educator has seen how both sharing the knowledge of lived experience and the known impacts of abuse and violence brings awareness to those who are not sure how to respond to disclosures of abuse or violence, and how, with effective workplace policy and effective interventions, victims develop the Strategies and Solutions that not just help them survive the rapids of an abusive relationship but enable them to reclaim their independence and autonomy, while maintaining their dignity and respect.

Every conversation, presentation and workshop is building the ‘Trustfall‘ safety net that stops people from ever falling into the river.

I’d like to introduce Upstream, a concept coined by Desmond Tutu and brilliantly referenced in Glennon Doyles’ best-selling book Untamed.  It is also the philosophy of the Upstream Investigations, Educator and Wellbeing Team, who provide advocacy, workshops and support for victims and survivors. 

The complexity and complications of domestic, family and sexual violence, abuse and neglect, child protection, family and property disputes, criminal and unlawful behaviour, are grossly attributed to the systems that were ‘designed’ to support victims and survivors through the process to ending relationships fairly and without fear or harm.

Our presentations, programs and workshops develop deep understandings of the barriers, gaps, failures, flaws, time lines, deadlines, jurisdictions, limitations, thresholds, boundaries and pathways through immersive learning.  These elements are confronting and confusing, and constantly changing with emerging challenges in tech and the increased weaponisation of systems.


We invite you to book a FREE workplace presentation to your staff that provides an introduction and resources as well as an opportunity to discuss alternative advocacy pathways.  Our approach comes from the lens of wellbeing, is light engaging and contains practical self empowering strategies for online, social media and tech facilitated abuse. 

At the Upstream Educator we engage subject matter experts and experienced facilitators to deliver professional development and provide resources in easy to schedule training and workshops.

We are building Australia’s first full spectrum education hub that enables you to implement best practice, meet workplace policy expectations that upholds the rights and autonomy of those subjected to violence, abuse and coercion.

Where do you fit in?  Education is the key to prevention, creating social change requires each of us to Learn, Know, Do and Be the person we might need one day.

  • Know your capacity
  • Educate Yourself
  • Make the Referral to the Right people and the Right time. 
If you are looking to upskill your staff, clients or customers we have three bespoke sessions, as each audience requires different and specific insights.  Below are the training sessions we offer in 1 hour through to full day forums, tailoring content for the audience, time available and relevant case studies.  
In 2024 we are hosting  one day forums in regional, remote and rural areas of NSW with key notes speakers who are will share the crucial elements of the new offence, Coercive Control and the new definitions of Domestic Abuse,  Safe Workplace Policy and specialist subjects like Tech and Financial Abuse.  If your organisation would like to host this event, we will collaborate with you and your community partners.
The Elements of Understanding Coercive Control Workshop focuses on
  • the intention of the legislation : to shift social attitudes and change individual behaviour,
  • strategies for evidence gathering and overcoming prosecution hurdles,
  • identifying, understanding and mapping abusive behaviours,
  • seeking protection, intervention and the supporting available for victim and survivors.
Identifying and Understanding the Impacts of Tech Coercion and Facilitated Abuse allow you to explore 35 known and lesser known forms of online and tech facilitated abuse and the associated abusive behaviours. Strategies for tech that can be weaponised to stalk, harass, intimidate, threaten, humiliate, defraud, manipulate etc .
Understanding the intersections of the online world and our Digital Identity.
Understanding Financial Coercion and Economic Abuse, recognising the indicators of  coercive control and how to respond to the behaviours that remove independence, restrict freedoms, limit choice and take away autonomy.
Practical sessions for Device Security, Online Safety, Digital Identity and Online Footprint, Online and Tech Facilitated Abuse, Social Media Risks and Resilience for Women Who Work Online. Also covers Program, Platforms and Apps, Online Dating, Scams, CyberBullying and Data Mining. Exploring online hygiene, rules of engagement, social media management, prevelance and disportionate trolling, harassment and real world impacts. 
Strategies for tech and financial protection orders provide safety, security and privacy for survivors of domestic, family and sexual violence, financial and economic abuse, online and tech based coercion


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