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FEEDBACK – Compliments, Questions and Suggestions!

Hi and welcome to our feedback page.   This is where we publish the good, bad and the ugly because we continue to strive for better, so you are comfortable in what we all know is a heavy subject matter.   From our community forums to bespoke training and in-house education programs, Upstream Educators tailor the content to your organisation, service or area.

With many of us from Regional NSW and Country Australia, when we are delivering to a local, rural, state, national or international stage our goal is to make an impact – a difference – influence and educate.  Feel free to send us your feedback : upskill@upstreameducator.com.au


“This is not what I thought it was going to be.  The presenters were very experienced and specialists.’ – Bulli 2023

“I thought I was going to help my clients, but I walked away with a deeper understanding and some information that is going to help me personally.” – Bulli 2023

“It’s so great to see regional NSW getting this information. It’s hard to get away from home, but this was literally in my back yard.” – Bulli 2023

“Insightful, Engaging and Hopeful – we need more of these days, it was great to see other services and what they do.” – Tamworth 2023


We encourage constructive feedback, we openly accept complaints because if you’ve ever tried to run a forum or live session, it doesn’t always go according to plan.  We appreciate you extending the generosity of thought – as it may have been out of our control, something we forgot or is still on our to do list.

In any case:

Tell us what you think?

Got a question?

Think we can do it better?