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Coercive Control

This training workshop is about breaking down the legislation and elements of the new offense coercive control that is due to come into effect in 2024.

This training is about what this looks like for frontline workers and understanding the evidentiary process and expectations of the new law Coercive Control.

This training is about what that looks and feels like for victim survivors of the new coercive control offense, the impact of abusive behaviors and trauma informed, shame sensitive strategies to support them.

This training provides you with real world examples of the types and forms of behaviour that when repeated and in context, may constitute as the coercive control offence.

This training provides resources and referral pathways, exploring the resistance and recovery choices.

As a collective we need to understand how this can meet the threshold of ‘beyond reasonable doubt’. Most criminal offences have 2 elements, this offence has 5.

Information supplied the NSW Police Force Prosecution, Office of the Director of Public Prosecution, Womens Legal Services, including discussions on Diversity and Inclusion, Tech Coercion and Economic Abuse.