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Social Media R & R is a proactive and practical session specific for Woman Who Work Online, in media, sports or public life.  This is also for social media managers and media teams.

The workshop goes through the security features of devices, the safety provisions of platforms, apps and programs, how to ensure online accounts are secure and increase privacy settings online.

We share how the internet, communication platforms and technology are weaponised and provide  strategies, screening tools, protective behaviours and reporting pathways to all forms of abusive behaviour such as stalking, harassment, hacking, intimidation, threats, trolling, doxing, humiliation and coercion including monitoring, surveillance, tracking and controlling behaviours.

We help you to empower the inner techy to feel confident and empowered to participate online and benefit from finding your friends and community.

We help you protect your digital identity, review your online footprint and share referrals and the appropriate response for cyberbullying, online abuse and image based abuse.

This has been impactful for those who have an online presence, media, sports or work including influencers, journalists, business owners.


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