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Here is our current catalogue of training.

A 2 day Forum culminating 6 x 1.5 hrs sessions covering subject matters of choice including workshops, panels, morning and afternoon tea, lunch.

A 90 minute workshop unpacking the issues and impact of non fatal strangulation. Discussing the legislation and survivor protection.

Two 2 hour Workshops that providing and understanding and response to financial and economic abuse. Brought to you by CWES.org.au

A 1.5 hour Training Package to help you understand the application, implementation and impact of protection orders in DFSV situations. F2F and Online

2 x two hour Workshops on TFA and tech coercion incl. device safety, online account security, privacy, abusive behaviours and strategies for online abuse, harms and criminal offences.

A 90 minute Workshop for online safety, social media including dating apps, communication platforms. Practical tips and screening incl. up-stander training. F2F and Online.

Understanding Workplace DFSV Policy

From ByStander to UpStander


This is as comprehensive list of sessions for mental wellbeing.