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Coercive Control Forum

  • Welcome to Country
  • ODPP, NSW Police Force and Legal Service
  • Panel of Research
  • Lived Experience
  • Immersive Education
  • Questions and Contributions
  • Catering Provided
  • Workbook and Resources

This training and professional development is for

  • Health Practitioners including GP’s, Sexual Violence, Emergency, and Pregnancy and Birth
  • Police
  • Psychologists, Counsellors, Wellbeing Coaches
  • Legal and Justice Practitioners, Family Law Specialists, Mediators and Educators
  • Womens Domestic and Family Violence Services, Housing, Acute and Recovery Care
    Banking, Insurance, Mortgage Brokers
  • Real Estate Agents, Business Chambers and Hospitality Organisations
  • Disability Service Providers and Workers
  • CALD and CALM Service Providers
  • First Nations Service Providers
  • Ageing Australian Service Providers
  • Local Council, Councillors, Services Coordinators
  • Educators, Teachers, Principals
  • Media, Sporting Organisations and Policians
  • Small Business Owners, Company Directors and Human Resource Managers

We will also being providing an introduction to

  • Financial and Economic Abuse,
  • ADVO’s, Protection and Recovery Orders
  • Online and Tech Facilitated Abuse,
  • Non Fatal Strangulation,
  • Social Media Risk and Resilience
  • Gender and Disaster Training
  • Trauma Informed Practices
  • DV Suicide Awareness (2024)
  • Mental Health, Fitness, Disorder and Illness
  • Investigations and Interventions
  • Community Panels/Forums Collaborations


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