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Welcome. This is the bit where we introduce ourselves, the concept of Upstream Educator and how knowing and understanding the various complexities of legislation, laws, policy, pathways, victim rights, various expectations, boundaries and barriers impact on the outcomes of victims and survivors, perpetrators and the processes we engage.

With over 50 years of combined advocacy and service to the sector, me: Paula and her: Sharon, have combined forces, networks and strengths to collaborate and coordinate the sectors education opportunities in search of best practice and better standards in what can only be described as a National Crisis. Domestic Violence is a whole of community issue, a universal problem that stems from patriarchal societies created by past generations, male peer to peer pressure and the good bloke syndrome, the inability to accept rejection or emotionally regulate. It filtrates into the workplace, into public, online and what should be our safe place – our homes. It leaves people homeless, unemployed, distressed and unable to care for their children. It has be called out and continual interventions and consequences until it is stopped, so every man, women and child has their human rights restored.

So, I’d like to introduce you to Sharon Wilkinson, an accomplished lawyer (graduate) and the former NSW Police Domestic and Family Violence Coordinator of the Northern Region. In this role she was nominated and a finalist in the NSW DFV Police Officer of the Year 2022 with a list of achievements that was reflected in the admiration of her senior management. She successfully held events, raised awareness and funded vital training for front line workers all up the NSW Coast, building a regional response to emerging risks such as non fatal strangulation, coercive control and protection orders. With 13 years in child protection and over 20 years in family dispute resolution, Sharon facilitates her insights as an analyst to front line worker for better survivor outcomes. Now I’ll hand over to Sharon.

Hey Guys, I’m Sharon and this is my chance to introduce you to Paula.

Paula is a DFV Specialist with a particular focus on tech facilitated abuse, financial abuse, coercive control, online harms, personal safety, security and privacy. She facilitates professional development, training and presents at international and national conferences in Domestic Violence, Child Protection and Mental Health. Her list of accomplishments include several awards in the security, business and alternative dispute resolution space. She is a licensed investigator in domestic and family violence, advocating for victims who are confused by the complexity of jurisdiction. With over 30 years in law enforcement and media, she is the training lead consultant for the Centre for Womens Economic Safety, specialising in Tech and Financial Abuse. We’ve worked together for a few years, presenting to DFV networks and Australian Police Forces, bringing together the thought leaders and action takers in the coercive control legislation.

And this is where we’ve landed. Upstream, building the bridge that will help others navigate their way over the waters of intimate and family violence instead of watching them fall in.

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